Our Relentless Youth Workers show youth that we have the capacity, ability and most importantly, the willingness to persevere with them. This necessitates that YOUCAN Youth Services be dedicated to working with each youth over a long period of time. It’s with a “whatever it takes” attitude that our YOUCAN Youth Services Youth Workers accomplish relentless youth work.

As change can be extremely difficult for these young people, they often relapse and return to negative and destructive behavior. When our youth suffer relapses – as many do – our Relentless Youth Workers are there to support them. YOUCAN Youth Services works very hard to turn these setbacks into opportunities that will lead to change and more knowledge.

YOUCAN Youth Services Youth Workers always strive to find and reengage a young person even if it takes a hundred times, again and again, until the young person is willing to trust. By pursuing young people relentlessly, we help them to understand that they are worth showing up for, and the positive changes often follow.

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