The very first DLC 1st Financial Link Charity Golf Tournament was held on June 20th at Beaumont’s Coloniale Golf Club.

The Honourable Order of the Blue Goose International choose YOUCAN Youth Services as the charity to receive support from their Charity Gala and Auction.

YOUCAN’s Verto Project helps youth find their way. Life can be tough enough when you’re a young person trying to find your way in the world.


The Relentless Youth Outreach Workers at YOUCAN Youth Services use vehicles to support and engage youth on our caseload with transportation to meetings and appointments

YOUCAN Youth Services would like to take a moment and thank some of the funders who help us keep our doors open and our programs running.


Over the past couple of years we have seen continued support from two great businesses and it’s time to share what they have done for us

Friday, September 21st, 2012 was an evening packed with music and talent as the YOUCAN Music Festival, 

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