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Be Relentless
thumbnail_Jessie Willerton

About Jessie Willerton

Jessie Willerton is a Relentless Youth Worker at YOUCAN Youth Services. Jessie graduated with a degree in Criminology from the University of Alberta and while completing her degree, she had the opportunity to complete a practicum with youth probation. It was there that she discovered she wanted to pursue a career working with youth. After her practicum, she continued to volunteer at the youth probation office until she got the job as Relentless Youth Worker at YOUCAN Youth Services in August of 2018. From there, she learned the relentless way of working with young people in the community to help them address the barriers they may face in being successful in pursuing their education and obtaining employment.

Since 2016, Jessie has also volunteered with the Edmonton Youth Justice Committee Society facilitating Peace Sentencing Circles for youth dealing with their first criminal charges. She has been able to carry her facilitation skills over to YOUCAN Youth Services since the agency places such high value in the circle process. All of these roles and opportunities have helped Jessie realize what an honour it is to walk alongside these young people and work together to help them be successful.