YOUCAN Youth Services Youth Workers are assigned to individual youth and build strong, trust-based relationships with them. The young people of YOUCAN Youth Services for the most part, have lacked long-term, trusting relationships in their lives.

For many young people who are dealing with the effects of abuse, violence, abandonment and/or other trauma in their lives, learning to trust is a huge step. This is the first and most crucial part of seeing a young person find success in our programs and as they move beyond YOUCAN Youth Services.

These relationships are used to help young people make positive changes in their lives. Our youth workers maintain these relationships for a long period of time, even when the young person makes mistakes. If done right, more young people will find success than not.

It takes time to build relationships with young people who are engaged in high-risk behaviors.  Our Relentless youth workers are vigilant in continuing contact and giving young people opportunities to change. 

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