Relentless  Youth  Outreach  Project

The Relentless Youth Outreach Workers Project strives to foster long-term relationships, while guiding a young person at-risk through the Stages of Change. Our Relentless Youth Outreach Workers do whatever it takes in a relentless (and appropriate) fashion to help transition a young person from living a very harmful lifestyle into a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Verto Project

The Verto Project (Latin for “turn around” or “change”) is a unique 12 week group-based employability skills program, which gives youth the skills necessary to transition back into school or employment from the harmful lifestyles they currently live in.

Step Up and Step In

Step Up and Step In is a program for youth by youth with an aim to reduce youth violence, while helping young people become more involved in their communities through volunteer work in schools and community groups.

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