YOUCAN Youth Services' Relentless Youth Outreach Workers stop at nothing — within reasonable measures — to reach out to youth and empower them in making positive, healthy and life changing decisions. Relentless Youth Workers aim to build long-term relationships with the youth as they move through the Stages of Change model with the goal that they will eventually live self-sufficiently and out of harm's way.  

The Relentless Outreach Project aims to:

  • Reduce the incidents of disruption and crime by at-risk youth who gather in community hot spots.
  • Increase attendance of at-risk youth in school or day programs, as well as pre-employment or employment programs.
  • Reduce factors among at-risk youth and their families that can cause harm.
  • Increase the factors among at-risk youth and their families which can move them toward success.

The Relentless Outreach Project addresses:

  • School factors, including low commitment to school, poor attitude or performance in school (if attending at all).
  • Family factors, including poor parent-child relationships, broken homes, separation from parents or low supervision.
  • Peer group factors, including gang affiliation or the influence of peers who engage in risky behavior.
  • Community factors, including low neighbourhood attachments.
  • Individual factors, including defining one’s identity through violence.
  • Societal factors, including alienation and poverty.
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