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Be Relentless
thumbnail_Janet Gould Nicholson

About Janet Gould-Nicholson

Janet started her teaching career in 2006 after graduating from the U of A, she had previously worked as an Educational Assistant for a year and knew that teaching was the goal. After 10 years in the public-school division, she was looking for her next step which led to non-profit organizations and working with youth who have barriers to overcome. Janet then started her journey at YOUCAN Youth Services as a Facilitator in 2020 and found the balance she was looking for. She loves the staff at YOUCAN Youth Services and the unwavering dedication her co-workers have to each and every youth that enters the program. YOUCAN Youth Services commitment to staff and youth has given Janet the opportunity for personal and professional development, which in turn has given her the tools to help people facing barriers work towards overcoming them. Janet embraces her focus on moving forward, step by step, and walking the path with youth to achieve their goals.