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Be Relentless
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About Kirsten Ostler

Kirsten is a Counselling Therapist with a private practice serving the St. Albert/Edmonton area. She has practiced in non-profit, municipal government and primary care sectors since 2016. Kirsten previously worked in the non-profit sector as a Child and Youth Care Counsellor, and it was this experience that sparked her interest in counselling psychology. Recognizing the critical need for mental health services for youth, and barriers to receiving such services, Kirsten pursued a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology. She now actively partners with local organizations and municipalities in an effort to support improved access to community-based counselling.

Kirsten began working at YOUCAN Youth Services in 2015 as an Employment Coordinator, then Team Lead of the Verto Project, returning in 2021 as a Counsellor. Kirsten believes young people have great capacity for change and is continuously inspired by their resiliency. Aligned with YOUCAN Youth Services focus on knowledge and skill development, she enjoys helping youth gain an increased understanding of themselves, consider new perspectives, and develop practical coping skills. Acknowledging diverse backgrounds and experiences, Kirsten works collaboratively with youth to identify approaches that leverage their strengths while best supporting their needs and preferences.