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Be Relentless

About Lorna Burroughs

Lorna’s early career started in the customer service field, which then moved into a career within the Loss Prevention/Administration field. Lorna joined YOUCAN Youth Services at the end of April 2009, as their first Administrative Assistant. YOUCAN Youth Services at the time was a small staff of six, with two programs. Since 2009, Lorna’s roll has evolved into the Office Manager. Over the years, Lorna has seen staff grow and change along with the many different programs that have been offered at YOUCAN Youth Services.

Lorna has also worked with many co-workers past and present who are well educated (aka: book smart and life smart), amazing, and caring people, whom she learns from every day. Lorna is grateful to call each of them co-worker and friend. One of the best parts of Lorna’s job is the privilege of meeting the amazing young people ready to change their lives. One of the most rewarding parts of the work here at YOUCAN Youth Services is when our youth come in or call with an update on what’s new in their life. It is always rewarding to hear how well they are doing with work, school, travel, relationships, and family. Lorna loves to celebrate their successes and encourage them on how well they are doing.