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Be Relentless
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About Robert Solem

Robert received his Settlement Studies diploma, and in the process, was able to have excellent practicums with the Edmonton John Howard Society and their Youth Housing First program, also with Boyle Street Community Services. In 2020, Robert worked on behalf of Bissell Centre at the Edmonton Expo Drop-in Shelter, where many city agencies worked together to assist vulnerable populations during early days of Covid. These efforts continued onward through to 2021 at the Edmonton Convention Centre 24/7 Drop-in Shelter, where Robert was able to assist in several positions including in a Site Lead capacity. 

Robert then joined Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society and their Community Outreach Transit Team. While partnered with a Transit Peace Officer, Robert had the opportunity to help several Youth take many significant strides forward. Wishing to do youth outreach work as a central focus, YOUCAN Youth Services was the perfect fit. Robert feels true gratitude as a Relentless Outreach Worker, being able to be present for Youth as they work together to ask important questions and strategize which actions are going to lead to important successes now and going forward.