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Be Relentless
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About Nick Jacobs

Nick is a Psychotherapist, University Instructor, and PhD Candidate at the University of Alberta. He has been practicing psychotherapy in municipal government, private practice, and non-profit sectors since 2015. Nick’s passion in his professional roles stems from a deep curiosity and humility towards the human condition. He loves to question and finds a sense of purpose and meaning from supporting others to deepen their understandings of themselves, their relationships, and their worlds. Nick has found that working to foster safe spaces for young people to encounter themselves in deeper and more compassionate ways has helped connect people to their individual capacities, values, and motivations, towards creating and imagining preferred futures for those with whom he works.

Nick began working at YOUCAN Youth Services in 2019. He is drawn to YOUCAN Youth Services relentless approach in helping young people confront and overcome some of life’s barriers. His most grateful moments come from witnessing young people connect to inner skills and strengths that might have felt lost along the way. Experiencing young people accept their inner skills and capacities and begin to create futures for themselves built upon foundations of acceptance, love, and relationships, offers Nick a sense of purpose in his own experience of life. Life is not meant to be lived alone, and he appreciates YOUCAN Youth Services commitment to bringing people and communities together to support the success of young people.