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Be Relentless
thumbnail_Tim Lavergne

About Tim Lavergne

Tim has been with YOUCAN Youth Services since 2019. His role includes building partnerships with businesses and organizations to help our hard-working Verto youth get their foot in the door to employment and hopefully a more fulfilling life. What brought Tim to YOUCAN Youth Services was the organizational culture of doing whatever you can to empower the youth to achieve their goals. He loves helping the young people along their journey, celebrating their successes, and working with them on their struggles.

He has been working with youth since 2011 in multiple environments. He previously spent 7 years working with Edmonton Police Service assisting youth involved in the justice system who wanted to transition out of their current situations, into something that would lead to a more positive and productive lifestyle and future. After that he spent a year in elementary schools as a success coach. What he loves most about his job is that he gets to follow the youth through a journey at YOUCAN Youth Services, from when they initially reach out for support, to seeing them work on themselves and work towards their goals. The ability to celebrate a sense of accomplishment when hard work pays off and they achieve their goals, priceless.