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Relentless Series

YOUCAN Youth Services is proud to present the Relentless Series. Our Podcast and Our Behind the Scenes Docuseries.

Be Relentless

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What is the Relentless Podcast?

YOUCAN Youth Services is proud to present the Relentless Podcast. Host Kyle Dubé welcomes a wide variety of guests who have all needed to be relentless in their lives to get to where they are today, or who have experienced a relentless pressure in their lives that has had an impact on their journey. This includes people who have been relentless in their professional endeavours, personal pursuits, entertainment aspirations, success in sports, battling addictions, fighting illness, suffering through extreme grief, and much more.

Guests will include a wide range of people as Kyle explores what the theme of relentless has meant to them. Our guest backgrounds are everything from business leaders to stand-up comedians to Olympic athletes to grieving parents to young people who have overcome addictions to become success stories……. plus, many more. Our hope is that their stories will inspire others to bring a relentless attitude into their lives while bringing insight and awareness to our listeners.

Can you help a YOUCAN Youth Services youth today?

The youth we work with have hopes and dreams. They want to live lives that they can be proud of. They want to contribute to our community. They want to have the same opportunities that we have. YOUCAN Youth Services relies upon the support of the community to help youth realize those hopes and dreams. Your support helps with things like food, work clothes, and bus passes to name a few. These “little things” make a huge difference assisting youth as they move out of harms way and start moving towards economic independence. Will you help a YOUCAN Youth Services youth today?